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Tobacco Collector

Tobacco Collector

Sorry the site looks so clunky but this application does not let you manage content or pictures very elegantly. More items will be added regularly. I was convinced by a fellow collector to restore my site to its former glory, but no prices this time. I collect packs and do not buy or sell them through this site. I do not sell cigarette packs: period.

As always, please do not smoke. This stuff will kill you.

Moonlight Tobacco Co. is a subsidiary of  R.J. Reynolds. The thinking here is that if RJR spins off a successful sub, then that sub is free of liability in most of the cigarette litigation in the US. Liability obtains in those cases where a tobacco company advertised that they had a safe product when they knew they didn't, and before the US Sugeon General's health warnings appeared on packs. A new tobacco company with no history prior to 1967, therefore, is free of most liability. The sub is now defunct as far as I know. I will look for their brands when I travel this Summer. 

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Icebox 1990's
Moonlight Tobacco Co. (RJR)

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